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Working with small businesses through to large organisations Australia-wide, Aurata Safety provides tailored WHS audit and inspection services. For smaller businesses, our WHS audits may encompass the organisation’s entire operations whereas for larger companies, they may relate to specific, high risk activities such as working at heights, hazardous material handling or confined space work. With extensive experience working across a wide variety of sectors, our team members possess broad ranging capabilities relevant to both commercial and industrial environments.

How Exposed is Your Business?

Having inappropriate safety and emergency management procedures in place can leave an organisation exposed to unnecessary risk and also significantly impact the company’s profitability. Failure to comply with WHS Regulations can result in on-the-spot fines through to multi-million-dollar penalties and imprisonment. Furthermore, when seeking tender responses, many organisations have strict parameters around the safety credentials expected of suppliers. Without the appropriate processes and procedures in place, an organisation can find itself unable to compete for lucrative new business opportunities.

State, Federal and Industry-Specific Expertise

The processes, emergency management plans and procedures, resourcing and competencies required by an organisation may be mandated by State and Federal Legislation as well as industry Codes of Practice and Australian Standards. For many organisations, disseminating this information and trying to decipher what is relevant and applicable can be overwhelming. The team at Aurata Safety has broad ranging expertise spanning State and Federal Legislation and industry Codes of Practice so can efficiently determine the relevant frame of reference for each organisation’s WHS audit.

What's Covered

Aurata Safety works with small business owners as well as Operations, Quality, Safety and Risk Managers at large organisations. We provide tailored WHS audit and inspection services based on the operations, environments and resourcing requirements of clients. Depending on an organisation’s size and scope of operations, our service may encompass brief phone consultations or extensive site, resourcing, process and competency audits. This is followed by a detailed report of our findings which includes straightforward recommendations on how to remediate any gaps and comply with relevant Legislation, Codes of Practice and Standards. We clearly differentiate between recommendations which are mandatory to meet regulatory obligations and those that are considered best practice. As a complete safety services provider, Aurata Safety can develop or review procedures and plans, coordinate and deliver staff training, supply and inspect equipment and service or repair any equipment that is found to require action or remediation during the audit process. Our WHS audit and inspection services can encompass one or more of the following areas:

Emergency Management Plan and Procedure Review

Fire Protection and Emergency Equipment

Height Safety

Confined Space Safety

Hazardous Materials Safety

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