Fire Safety and Emergency Response Training

Be prepared in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Australian Standards 3745 and 4083 stipulate that businesses and facilities must establish an emergency control organisation, prepare, maintain and implement an emergency plan, develop and test emergency procedures and conduct training to respond to fires and other emergencies. To comply with these Standards, businesses and facilities must also ensure that all resources are regularly serviced, tested and maintained. In addition to our fire safety training and emergency management courses, Aurata Safety provides customised consulting services so can work with individual clients on preparing an emergency management plan tailored to their specific industry, operations and working environments.

Recognised and Non-Recognised Fire Safety and Emergency Response Training

In order to comply with WHS Regulations, it is not necessary to undertake nationally recognised fire safety and emergency response training courses. Nationally recognised courses tend to be more costly than non-recognised courses, can be more rigid with regard to content and some organisations find them too broad in scope to meet their specific needs. Aurata Safety offers both nationally recognised and non-recognised fire safety and emergency response training courses across Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Australia-wide. Courses encompass fire safety, such as fire extinguisher training, Chief and Fire Warden training, as well as general emergency incident management and communications training. In addition to being cost effective and more focused than recognised courses, non-recognised fire safety training and emergency response courses can be tailored specifically to an organisation’s operations and environment whilst still enabling them to achieve regulatory compliance.

Refresher Courses, Evacuation Drills and Fire Safety Equipment

Australian Standards recommend fire safety and emergency response skills retention activities be undertaken every twelve months for Fire Warden and Chief training and every two years for fire extinguisher training. Aurata Safety offers a range of refresher courses and can work with our clients to design, prepare and conduct evacuation exercises and drills which, must be conducted at least every twelve months. We offer complete emergency equipment sales, testing, maintenance and specific equipment training services which encompass fire protection equipment, first aid kits, AEDs, spill kits and emergency eye wash stations and showers. Possessing and regularly servicing emergency response equipment is an essential component of meeting regulatory requirements.

Learn more about our fire safety training and emergency response courses below or contact us for advice on how to best meet your organisation’s requirements.

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Our website has a comprehensive range of information that will help you make an informed decision regarding the training we provide.  Please refer to the Student Handbook for general information regarding your rights and responsibilities when we provide training to you.


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If you are undertaking nationally recognised training you will need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI).  It is free and easy for you to create your own USI online.  By law, training organisations can only issue your certificate once they have received your USI.  Please visit to create your USI.





Our Fire Safety & Emergency Response Training Courses

Aurata Safety provides fire safety training and emergency response courses in accordance with nationally recognised units of competency as well as non-recognised courses tailored to the needs of individual organisations. We conduct fire extinguisher training, Fire Warden training and emergency response training across Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and throughout Australia. We work with organisations across a range of sectors including mining, oil and gas, maritime, defence and construction. Click on one of the following links for individual course learning outcomes.

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