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Aurata Safety provides complete, turn-key solutions designed to safeguard workers during high risk operations and emergency situations, ensure regulatory compliance and generally enhance the safety credentials of our clients. Customised to the needs of your organisation, our safety services are formulated based on decades of risk management experience together with expertise spanning Federal, State and industry-specific compliance requirements.

Diverse Industry Experience

At Aurata Safety, we rely on a qualified, Australia-wide team of healthcare, rescue, emergency management, training and risk management professionals to tailor the appropriate, dependable and cost-effective safety solutions for our clients. We work closely with clients to understand their operations and identify any possible exposure to risk or regulatory non-compliance. Having worked extensively across the emergency services, healthcare, defence, resource, mining, construction and utilities sectors, we’re able to offer expert advice on effective, industry-specific safety services.

Comprehensive Safety Services

Aurata Safety works with small to large businesses, government and organisations across Australia. With access to a diverse range of highly qualified safety professionals, Aurata can design the most appropriate solutions for your industry and operations. Our safety services encompass auditing, inspection, plan and procedure development and implementation, staff training, permit to work systems, provision of specialist consultants and standby rescue teams and equipment supply. Where our services relate to equipment or competence testing or maintenance, we also provide ongoing reminders when additional inspections or skills refreshers are due to ensure ongoing compliance.

Quality and Professionalism

Aurata Safety strives to set the benchmark for quality and service standards in our industry. Currently working towards ISO 9001 accreditation, we rely on an established framework of management processes that help us maintain a culture of excellence, quality assurance and continual improvement.  Our culture is reflected in everything we do and has been pivotal in building long-standing relationships with some of Australia’s highest profile organisations.

Whats Included

Our safety services cover the four main components that can impact safety: people, processes, equipment and environments. We assess each of these areas either from an organisational perspective, or relevant to specific operations such as those involving height or confined space. We report on risk assessment findings and classifications as well as identification of any safety gaps or regulatory non-compliance. We then deliver a range of safety services which may encompass any combination of staff training, design and documentation of induction programmes, provision of sentry and rescue technician personnel, permit management, supply and hire of equipment, testing and maintenance of existing equipment and development of rescue plans.

Height, confined space and fire safety

Workplace health and safety

Safety equipment sales, testing, service and maintenance

Emergency plan and procedure development and review

Staff training and assessment

Testing emergency plans and procedures

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    Aurata Safety is committed to providing the highest quality training, risk assessment and safety services to our clients across Australia. Contact us to learn how we can help you meet your WHS obligations and create safer working environments for your people.

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