Emergency Management

Because emergencies don't manage themselves


Emergencies and crises are a part of life and can impact the workplace in many forms including heatwaves, fire, flood, criminal activity, equipment failure, hazardous material release, failure of utility services and medical emergencies. Emergency events can introduce hazardous situations not normally encountered in day to day operations. Implementing comprehensive emergency preparedness training, management plans and response procedures tailored to your workplace and industry ensures your organisation and staff have the necessary training, knowledge, instructions, command and control framework, resourcing and equipment to not only respond effectively but recover afterwards.

Emergency Management Plans Are Mandatory in Australian Workplaces

Implementing and maintaining emergency management plans and procedures in your workplace reduces risk exposure and improves business continuity. Failure to plan for foreseeable emergencies is a failure in your duty of care and can result in heavy penalties.

Working with small businesses through to large organisations at facility, organisational and precinct level across Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Australia-wide, Aurata Safety takes a proactive, all hazards approach to deliver emergency management services and emergency preparedness training tailored to a variety of sectors. With operational expertise across the healthcare, emergency services, defence, maritime, resource, utilities and construction industries, our multidisciplinary team can provide guidance, direction and practical solutions on how to assess and mitigate risk and formulate effective emergency management plans and procedures to achieve regulatory compliance. Aurata Safety will prepare your organisation and workforce for potential emergencies, crises and their consequences.

Preserving Safety and Productivity

Emergencies and crises have the potential to impact the health and safety of people, can damage organisational reputation and impact productivity, operations and the environment. Establishing, planning, designing, implementing and maintaining an effective emergency management plan, sub plans and response procedures ensures organisations have the necessary tools, emergency preparedness training, resourcing and equipment to reduce the impact of negative consequences, as far as practicable, and ensure business continuity. Ongoing exercising and testing of emergency management plans and associated procedures, resources and equipment is essential to ensure effective, timely response and management of an emergency or crisis.

Whats Included

Aurata Safety provides a comprehensive, all-hazards approach with complete, end-to-end emergency management solutions and emergency preparedness training for Australian businesses. Our services comprise consultation and risk assessment, design of emergency management procedures, training, testing plans and supply and maintenance of emergency equipment. Our services are tailored to the requirements, operations, location and industry of each client to ensure compliance with Legislation, Codes of Practice and all relevant industry and Australian Standards.

Risk assessment and auditing

Emergency plan and procedure planning, design, implementation and maintenance

Emergency response plans

Crisis management plans – planning, design, implementation and maintenance

Supply and maintenance of equipment

Staff emergency preparedness training, development and skills maintenance

Emergency exercise design and planning

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